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This page highlights the best tips for gate repair and maintenance.

Gates ought to last for long

The life span of your wrought iron gates would depend on their good maintenance and quality of the material, the weather conditions in Reseda and daily use. When you replace the damaged components immediately and never neglect gate repair and taking care of the material, the gates will last for many years. It's also wise to upgrade the residential gate openers and the remote.

Construct a path way for pedestrians

When you are constructing your fence at home, consider the needs of pedestrians, too. Your new wrought iron gates are installed to give access to your car and you will need an entrance for pedestrians mainly for security reasons. You would need two gate remotes and the steel gate and its opener will wear down sooner if it's opened by pedestrians, too.

Deal with power failure

Most people have electric residential gate openers, which wouldn't be of much help during a power failure. These days, you can find special solar panels, which collect the sun energy and will keep the gate moving automatically even when the power is out. Instead of installing backup batteries, you are basically using natural energy from the sun. They are very important for security and safety purposes.

What gate components require constant repair?

Remember that the maintenance of the entire mechanism, including the panel itself, is of great significance. Yet, the sliding gate safety sensor is specifically important for your safety and that's why it should be checked every month. As for the electric gate opener, when it fails to work, the whole system will be dysfunctional. Thus, openers are top priority as well. You must also check the tracks for grime or dents, to ensure full opening and closing of the gate.

Maintaining electric components

There are several electrical and electronic components in a gate system and they need to be cleaned regularly for glitch free operation. Ideally less expensive systems should be cleaned once a month while the expensive ones should be protected from extreme temperatures. They can be cleaned once every 3 months or so.

Avoid DIY Repairs

Our experts do not recommend doing DIY repairs. While it may be the easier choice, it’s not necessarily better. In many cases, DIY gate repairs caused more damage to the gate than actually fixing them. DIY should only be done for very minor activities such as cleaning.

Secure the gate

One of the purposes of installing a gate is to keep out unwelcome guests. However, this won’t be possible if the gate itself is not secure. Apart from installing a lock and deadbolt, you can have other safety features as well. We, at Gate Repair Reseda, can install additional security components for you.

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