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If you have questions on gate repair and door maintenance, you will find the right answers here. We can help you see your gate from another perspective, solve your problems and decide which gate is best for your property, especially for wide driveways.

What happens to an automatic gate when it hits an object while opening or closing?

Gate openers have a safety feature that automatically stops the motion of the gate the moment the gate hits something. This gives the property owner the time and opportunity to remove whatever it is that is getting in the way of the gate. Some gates have infrared safety beams placed between gated posts to detect objects that are in the gate’s path.

What is the best type of gate for a wide driveway?

It is important to consider the width of the driveway in determining which type of gate would be the best for you. Wide driveways need gates made of material strong enough to span the distance. Wide wooden gates have a tendency to sag on its weight with repeated opening and closing so it is often suggested to install wrought iron gates or steel gates instead for wide driveways.

Can any existing gate be automated?

Most existing gates can be automated. Gate opener installation is possible on both swing and sliding models. There are operators for both single-panel and double-panel swing gates. Typically, the opener is installed directly without the need for making any changes to the existing structure and set up.

What do we mean by nationally recognized test laboratory?

There are nationally recognized laboratories, which test and accordingly list products in accordance with their ability to provide a safe operation. Residential gate openers are checked whether they have the required sensors to operate safely. The Underwriters Laboratories is one of them.

How can posts be kept stable in loamy or sandy ground?

To enhance the stability of posts being buried in clay or loamy soil, you can use a grade beam or outriggers. Grade beams are recommended for posts used with bi-parting swing gates while outriggers are for single wing gates. Outriggers are 4 to 5 inches long and should be put in the closed and open position of the post.

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