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“Gate Repair Reseda” is a true professional contractor since it gives attention to the quality of its technicians and the services they provide. Our excellent foundations and overall technical capacity to offer fast and impeccable services are also indicative of our professionalism. In fact, we have managed to form a real powerful company since our obligations do not stop with gate needs. We are excellent gate repair contractors but we also provide exceptional garage door repair services. So, we have outstanding teams for both systems and their services. Every technician has great training and extensive knowledge and our company, which is also an emergency contractor, guarantees immediate response and 24/7 emergency repairs.

We offer top garage door services with attention

Garage Door Repair in ResedaOne of the greatest tools of our technicians is their knowledge. By being well informed about novelties and constantly updated, we manage to give proper advice to our customers and provide excellent services. For example, we excel in:

Garage door torsion spring adjustment
We have proper equipment with us and the expert knowledge to adjust springs properly. We make sure the door is balanced perfectly by turning the winding cone as much as it is required and until the overhead door is balanced at both sides. We provide immediate response and our service is exceptional.

Garage opener maintenance
You can count on our same day garage door opener maintenance and the efficiency of our technicians. We meticulously check every single part focusing mostly on the reverse mechanism and its efficiency as well as on the motor. We make sure parts are tightened and everything works perfectly.

Broken garage track replacement
When tracks are broken, they are replaced as soon as possible. We make sure the tracks chosen are suitable for the existing garage door and the material is of your choice. Our technicians ensure the garage door rollers are the perfect match for the new track and roll smoothly. If the track brackets are rusty, it's preferable to replace them as well.

Garage door sensors repairs
We always give special attention to the reverse system of the opener and respond at once to problems related to sensors. Our technicians are thorough when they check the sensors and never miss to also check their wirings and all connections. We adjust them, make sure the beams work right and the lights are on.

Electric garage door troubleshooting
Our knowledge of how to fix problems accurately springs from our expertise but also our ability to perform troubleshooting thoroughly. When customers report that their overhead door is not opening all the way or it closes and opens again, we check certain garage door parts in order to draw our conclusions and make the proper diagnosis before repairs.

We constantly train, learn new things and build up our experience. We are dynamic groups of really competent technicians and have the skills to offer full services efficaciously. Clients can depend on this knowledge, our goodwill and professionalism. We make sure the door moves right and all problems are dealt with in the best way. Since our goal is to guarantee safety, we make sure doors and their electric systems are all functional. People can rely on our services since they are provided fast, efficiently and 24/7. Call us for same day services!

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